What should I or my child wear while riding his or her ATV?

Great question to be asking and we have all the answers! Wearing proper clothes and equipment are essential to protecting every rider from outdoor elements and will help mitigate any injury if anything happens. Our first rule of thumb that we always abide by is to “cover every part of your body / skin”. If you follow this simple rule, you’re off to a great start! Here is our list of essential riding gear every youth ATV rider should wear.

DOT approved helmet

The number one rule is to always wear a helmet. It’s the easiest way you can protect the most important part of your body – your noggin! Most TomRide buyers will include our DOT approved helmets in their bundle package, but if not, make sure that your helmet is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT). A helmet won’t do any good if it can easily fall off or if there are gaps between your goggles and helmet where your skin is exposed. So make sure it fits well and is comfortable.

While wearing a helmet can be irritating to some kid riders, especially in hot weather conditions, it is imperative that good habits are formed from the very first ride and continue forever!

Riding goggles or protective visor

A helmet and pair of goggles go hand in hand to make sure your entire head and face are protected. Make sure you buy a pair of goggles that fits well with your helmet so you don’t leave any exposed skin in between the helmet and your goggles’ frame. For this reason, it is best to try your goggles on in person at a store with your helmet.

**Similar to sunglasses, you often get what you pay for with goggles. It’s probably worth investing a little more in a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the sun, dust, dirt and other particles if you plan to ride often.

Closed toed shoe support

Proper shoes or boots will give you the support and protection your feet need while riding an ATV. We recommend ankle high footwear to give you even more support and closed toed footwear only to protect your during a fall. The best option is to purchase a pair of rider boots. These typically start at around $100. Other options would be a pair of hiking boots, workman boots (ie Timberland’s) or high ankle basketball shoes.

Riding Gloves

Gloves are an easy one to forget, but important for safety and performance. Many people will brace for a fall using their hands making it important to have a layer of protection. Gloves will also help riders with their grip and mitigate blisters. Gloves will give kid riders better strength, performance and reaction time.

Long sleeve shirt and pants

The most important part of having a long sleeve shirt and pants is to have them! These two items will protect you from the sun and prevent or minimize scrapes and cuts if you fall. Check out Rocky Mountain’s shirts and pants. We also know that snow pants are a popular option (colder climates) and workman pants too.

Above are the most common and essential gear for all youth ATV riders. If you are a more advanced rider, it might be worth looking into even more protective gear, like elbow and knee pads, roost deflectors and a kidney belt. All of these are a preference and depend more on what purpose you’re riding for. Drop a line in the comments section about your favorite brands of equipment and any other tips you want to share!

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